New Global Ransomware Attack

Today, a new ransomware variant known as Petya began sweeping across the globe, impacting a wide range of industries and organisations, including critical infrastructure such as energy, banking, and transportation systems. This ransomworm is designed to move across multiple systems automatically, rather than stay in one place. It appears that the Petya ransomworm is using similar[…]

WanaCry ransomware still impacting Australians

Stay Smart Online is urging Australian businesses and individuals to apply the latest updates for their applications and operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows, as people continue to fall victim to the ransomware campaigns, including potentially WanaCry. Stay Smart Online first warned about WanaCry on 13 May and provided advice on how to protect yourself and your[…]

Beware of scam emails that claim to be from ASIC

You are reminded to be wary of suspicious emails following a warning that scammers are targeting users of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC’s) registry services. ASIC-which provides public registers of companies, business names and finance industry professionals-has warned that scammers are sending some registry service users emails with attachments or links to fake[…]

Update WordPress to protect your website, blog and visitors

Widely used website and blogging content management system WordPress has issued an update to address security vulnerabilities that may enable unauthorised people to access sensitive systems and information. WordPress has advised users to immediately update their sites to version 4.7.2 to protect themselves. People use WordPress software to provide the design, features and support for their[…]

Change your Dropbox password following breach

People who signed up to popular file hosting and storage service Dropbox before and during 2012 are advised to change their passwords immediately. The advice follows reports a security breach in 2012 may have exposed up to 68 million user credentials. In a blog post, Dropbox Head of Trust & Security, Patrick Heim, acknowledged the[…]

Users warned of fake Netflix email

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is warning that a fake email is circulating that aims to steal users’ Netflix credentials. According to ACMA, the fake emails have the subject line ‘Netflix Membership on Hold’ and include a link that takes the user to a Netflix sign-in page that is almost identical to the[…]