Cloud Infrastructure


As businesses approach the need for a hardware refresh, many are increasingly considering hosting applications in the cloud to avoid the cost of new hardware.
RMS Tech will help you deploy applications in the cloud, replacing up-front hardware costs with pay-as-you-go pricing and building on a fully-managed, geo-redundant global cloud infrastructure.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud is a buzzword that vaguely suggests the promise and convenience of being able to access files from anywhere. But the reality is that the cloud is hardly floating like mist above our heads — it’s a physical infrastructure, its many computers housed in massive datacentres all over the world.


What benefits does the Cloud have to my business?


Allowing your business to scale (up or down) on demand. This flexibility makes it easy to quickly adapt to market changes or opportunities – and gain or maintain a competitive advantage.
 operational Operational
Are two-fold, firstly the cloud allows increased operational capabilities. For example, it allows projects to be completed from multiple locations as if they were under the same roof. Secondly, the day-to-day management of IT becomes much lower for a business, freeing up people and resources to get on with doing business.
 financial Financial
Are attainable depending on the way cloud is used. For instance, hardware requirements (and costs) can be significantly lowered by letting the cloud do the heavy lifting. While for some, the option of paying only for what you use can minimise waste. Naturally these savings need to be balanced against other costs, such as cloud-capable network upgrades, but more and more businesses are finding the financial advantages irresistible.


Why use the Cloud?


As long as you can access the internet, you can access your data and services. Meaning offices can be run on the fly, from anywhere, with information easily shared around the world..

Depending on your circumstances and needs, economies of scale mean the cloud can store your data for a far lower unit cost than all but the largest organisations. While less hardware and management time can also save you money.

Since cloud servers and associated hardware are run by specialist organisations, you don’t need to think about buying or running them yourself.
 securecloud Secure
Because the cloud relates to shared servers and accessed via the internet, many people are concerned about security. Truth is, most cloud services automatically provide a high level of security, with add-ons available to make things even more secure.Even so, some organisations require the very highest levels of security for some of their information (personal medical records for instance). In those instances, data requiring extreme security data may be kept ‘off the grid’ (on an organisation’s own servers), while other services stay in the cloud.


What Cloud services do we provide?

 public cloud  server cloud  infrastructure
 Public Cloud Private Cloud Co-Location & Hosting
 IaaS  SaaS  PaaS
 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  Software as a Service (SaaS)  Platform as a Service (PaaS)


What Cloud Providers do we use?

 amazon  azure  office365
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Microsoft Azure Office 365
 citrix  vmware  ibm softlayer
Citrix VMWare Cloud IBM Softlayer

A successful cloud solution is a key component for successful IT infrastructure and with our resources, expertise and innovative thinking to paint a bigger picture for your organisation.


Why Us?




We are the experts in cloud

It is our commitment to understand your technology inside and out. By partnering with our clients and tailoring IT solutions we gain insight into your business situation, environment, existing architecture and ambition for your IT.

Our technical engineers can deliver a cloud solution that integrates with your IT, meaning less administration, downtime and overheads. Our managed cloud services ensure the cloud platform deployed is cost effective whilst offering flexibility and scalability.

Speak to us to arrange a Cloud consultation with one of our technical experts.