Internet & Networking


Our network has been purpose-built for the delivery of high-performing and reliable Internet products. We’ll design, install and monitor your network – or upgrade your existing one – to ensure peak performance.

Business Grade Internet

Provides you with a reliable and high-performing Internet solution. You have the option to choose ADSL2+, Ethernet or Fibre where and when it’s available.

IP-Line is a high quality, all-purpose internet service providing speeds of up to 10Gbps.
 mpn Managed Private Network
An IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to productively share applications and communicate between offices over your own virtual private network.
Our IP VPN incorporates any-to-any connectivity, meaning anyone on your network can instantly share voice, data and applications with anyone else.
Ethernet E-Line

Ethernet e-Line ensures the efficient carriage of your bandwidth-heavy business traffic.
Unprecedented data transfer – ideal for SAN Replication and WAN backup, e-Line will cater to any of your traffic requirements.
Ethernet e-LAN

e-LAN empowers you to comprehensively manage connectivity over your network, enabling business sites to easily interact and share data no matter where they are.