VOIP & Telephony


 Save your business money by moving your telephony to the cloud.

Do away with bulky onsite hardware, and move your business to the cloud for better telephony.

Simple setup

Simply plug your supplied handset into any network and you’re ready to make calls in a matter of minutes.
No onsite PBX required

Using your internet connection, our cloud servers deliver you enterprise grade telecommunications without needing anything more than just handsets. Control your costs and never worry about hardware failing again.
Voicemail to email

Your voicemails are delivered directly to your inbox so you can listen to them on any device.
Digital Receptionist

Lets you take control of your calls, and answer your customers with the ability to specify options for different parts of your business.



Follow Me
Using our Follow Me feature, you can choose where to receive your calls when you’re not at your desk.

Calendar Integration

Using our calendar integration, everyone will know when you’re in an important meeting, choosing to send calls to either your Follow Me number or your voicemail.

When you pickup your handset and make a call, all the data between you and our cloud servers is completely encrypted end to end. Your voice traffic on your local network is unable to be sniffed and your calls can’t be tampered with.
 api integration
API Integration

Integrate your CRM, ERP, Salesforce or SAP systems into your phone system.

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Save your business money
We’re confident our call rates are going to save your business money compared to what you’re currently paying. In some cases we’ve saved customers up to 80% on their current telco spend.

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