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We know that our ability to deliver, is only as good as the platform we choose to partner with.  That is why we are proud to say we partner with CargoWise, the worlds leading single-platform software solution.  CargoWise is designed to increase productivity and improve integration, automation, and communication with the supply chain. 

As a CargoWise Certified Professional, RMS Tech can help you implement, configure and optimise CargoWise to suit your unique business needs. 

Our Consultants specialise in...

Forwarding | Customs | Transport | Warehouse Management | Carrier | Finance & Accounting | Track and Trace | Business Process and Analysis

We are your trusted product advisor

You can be confident you're working with someone who understands your local market and unique business needs.

Quality built-in

As a CargoWise Certified Professional, we are held to the highest standards and requirements across all of our business services, so you can rest assured you're working with a team of experts who always put the customer first.

Ensure you’re using CargoWise to it’s full capacity

Our Process Insert HealthCheck Process) Thorough Business and Workflow Consultation Productivity HealthCheck of your CargoWise System Findings and Recommendations Report Implement Suggestions Improved productivity, cost reductions and risk mitigation

Before we met RMS Tech our IT was a complete mess. We were experiencing slow and sluggish computers, causing us a lot of frustration and money and previous IT support was based in Melbourne and did not meet our Sydney office requirements. With offices and warehouses around Australia, we needed a unified approach to IT that would help us grow.


Through RMS Tech and their business improvement process, we discovered just how inefficient our very old server and Melbourne based data centre hosting was with our previous IT company.

RMS Tech showed us how we could significantly increase our performance, security and reliability by replacing our old Thin Client computers and hosting a new multiple server environment in a faster data centre located in Sydney.


Now we have a more stable environment with Cloud Backup redundancy built in to cover multiple failure scenarios and allowing us to focus on growing our business and leaving all the IT stuff to the experts.

They also updated our Office software to the latest Office 365 software allowing our staff to have easy access to email and information across all mobile devices.

RMS Tech helped us move from inefficient spreadsheets for booking in jobs, to a new software system for much easier workflow.


Thank you to the team at RMS Tech, you have been incredible in helping us modernise and business improve our IT function any your Help Desk team is responsive, friendly and quick to solve problems!

Not sure what your business needs?

Our thorough and comprehensive Business Improvement Process will give you clarity and excellent recommendations on how you can do more with less.

If you’re looking for a partner to help with your next IT, Network or Cloud Project, contact us to have a chat about what you need.


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