Business Continuity

Your business runs on IT. If your infrastructure goes down, so does your business. But implementing a reliable business continuity strategy can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring redundant infrastructure, complex planning, and expensive proprietary solutions. Because of this, many companies simply don’t have actionable business continuity plans to protect their critical data and applications. We provide a variety of options for protecting both.

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Our Services

Server Replication

Replicate your servers between multiple sites to ensure high availability of your systems if one of your sites was to go completely offline. Keep your business operational with a multi-site solution.

Email Continuity

Has your email system gone down? How do you send off that important tender that's due in less than an hour?
Email Continuity is your Plan B email system. Get access to your emails and continue running your business until your main email system is back online.

Data Protection

It is important to have an offsite backup of your company data in a secure location in the event there is a disater. Don't risk losing your company data.

Internet Redundancy

Run a business that relies solely on a single internet conection? Can your business operate without the Internet?
Internet redundancy is your fail over plan when your main internet connection goes down. Don't lose business productivity over an internet issue.

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Each business will have different needs and outcomes.
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