Managed Private Cloud

Our Managed Private Cloud service provides you a secure cloud based environment with greater levels of control and security of your IT Infrastructure by providing dedicated infrastructure specifically to your organisation.

What approach is right for you?

What is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud consists of computing resources (servers) which are specifically allocated and dedicated to one business or organisation. Within a private cloud environment the services and infrastructure are always maintained on your own private network and the hardware and software used are dedicated solely to your organisations.

This way a Private Cloud environment can make it easier for your organisation to customise its systems and resources to meet your specific IT & Business requirements.

Features & Benefits of Private Clouds

  • Public cloud services offer a certain level of security, private clouds are more secure as you have the ability to restrict connections, implement rules & policies.
  • All data is saved and managed on servers to which no other organisation has access.
  • Ensure data location based on your business requirements
  • This greatly improves data privacy and also ensures your business can meet compliance requirements.
  • Private Cloud is only accessible by your organisation.
  • Design, build and operate your private cloud environment
  • Your organisation will have the ability to reconfigure and manage it inline with your needs to achieve a tailored cloud solution.
  • This gives you more control over your data and infrastructure, allowing you to intervene promptly should changes be needed.
  • The creation of virutalised operating environments your network is more resilient to individual failures across the physical infrastructure.
  • Fast and reliable redundant connectivity for transmitting latency sensitive data traffic utilising up to 100 Gbps of bandwidth.
  • Average availability across our global data centre platform of >99.99999%
  • The resources of your private cloud is entirely at the disposal of your organisation, removing any risk of resource or capacity contention.
  • Scaling your environment is as easy as deploying and configuring new cloud servers.
  • At the physical infrastructure level, new servers and storage can be customised and added to increase the overall capacity of your private cloud platform.

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