Managed Security

Don’t let a hacker ruin your day. Whether its from a common threat or to a more sophisticated targeted cyber attack, our security services utilises the latest state of the art threat and detection intelligence technologies to protect your network and mobile workforce.

Do you want to protect your business from a cyber attack?

Our Security Services

Security & Compliance

Whether you are small company just wanting to secure your systems and data or an organisation that must maintain a long string of compliance requirements to conduct your business, our security specialists are here to help.

Data Breach Laws & GDPR

Laws were introduced in order to enforce businesses to ensure they comply with regulations for protecting customer data and reporting security breaches.
Are you compliant? How does this affect you? Have you implemented your security measure yet?

Network Security

Implement best practices and adopt secure policies to prevent and monitor unauthorised access, misuse or modification of your devices and data on your network.

Email Security

Email security is important for all businesses. With the growing threat of hackers, viruses spam, phishing and identity theft the need to secure business information has become a top priority. Stop malware and scam emails before they get into your inbox and cause chaos for your staff and business.

Web Security

When your staff are online are they actually working or just updating their Facebook profiles? Increase your staff productivity and security of your network by enabling control as well as over site of the content your staff are accessing during the working day.

Data Security

No business wants their valuable intellectual property or customer data to end up in the hands of a competitor or disgruntled employee. Find out more about how you can protect your business data from getting into the wrong hands.

Is your business prepared for a cyber attack?

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