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Printing costs account for between 1% and 3% of a business’s expenditure with the wrong devices it could be costing you a small fortune. 

You may have an existing printer that works fine, but if it’s not designed for the job the running costs of paper and toner mean it isn’t great value. 

This is where Managed Print can help, in providing a no-cost audit to show you how much your printing and copying costs you today and how to make it cost less.

Your Printing Made Easy

When we engage with you, we follow a four-step process that leads to understanding your print costs and needs, ultimately saving you money and improving efficiency.

  1. We audit your current print environment.
  2. We propose a solution designed for your business.
  3. We implement your plan and ensure it’s working well in your business.
  4. We review how things are going and evolve as your needs change.

The good news is, while ‘paperless’ maybe an unachievable ideal, ‘less paper’ is not that hard a nut to crack. Reducing your print output is not only a far better environmental outcome than recycling, it’s also a powerful way to reduce costs

Gain control over your printing environment with managed print service

  1. Wholistic print service
  2. Single point of contact
  3. One invoice
  4. Consistent cost per page
  5. Device consolidation
  6. Saved time and money
  7. Reduce paper

Every business has unique needs. That is why we shape our solutions to suit your business – with flexibility and features to create your ideal print environment, optimising your devices to improve document output and paper management processes.

Our solutions deliver real value to your business

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