Data Security

No business wants their valuable intellectual property or customer data to end up in the hands of a competitor or disgruntled employee. Find out more about how you can protect your business data from getting into the wrong hands.

What approach is right for you?

Why do you need data security?


Data privacy regulations such as the GDPR require you to ensure sensitive data and information is properly stored and managed.

Data Tracking

Be confident in being able to identify regulated data, track its use, access and location.

Control the flow

Ability to put policies in place to allow you to block the flow and access of sensitive data. Report on any unauthorised access attempts.

User Management

Manage and monitor user access to sensitive data and identify risky behavious or security threats.

Mobile Workforce Protection

Control who can access data. Whether it is on your corporate network or from an unmanaged location or device.

Comprehensive Analysis

Utilising a combination of advanced technolgies you can ensure you have a comprehensive control system that is enabled by Machine Learning, Image Recognitions.

Is your business prepared for a cyber attack?

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