Network Security

RMS Tech only partners with the world’s leading and proven security vendors on the market to ensure the security and integrity of your network. ​

When it comes to the security of your business, why settle for second best?

Our Core Security Fabric

With traditional security architectures proving to be futile, businesses are finding it difficult to protect themselves due to a lack of resources and skills to combat threats.

Our Security Fabric delivers broad visibility and protection to every network segment, device, and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud, or on-premises.

With RMS Tech’s Managed Security Platform we can automatically synchronise security resources to enforce policies and coordinate automated responses to threats detected anywhere on your network.

Security Services

Next-Generation Firewalls

Our next-generation firewalls secure your network with a mult-layered security fabric to detect and block sophisticated attacks before they enter your internal network

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Traditional protection soley relies on your antivirus to recieve updates to protect against attacks. Next-Gen protection utilises cutting edge AI and machine learning to protect your devices from current and unknown cyber threats.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Automated security layer designed to monitor your network for threats and policy violations, block suspicious activity and report it

Advanced Threat Protection

Helps to protect your organisation from attacks by continually scanning and identifying malicious emails, websites and intruders.

Network Access Control

Ability for your organisation to have complete and granular visbility of your network devices and endpoints on your network

Secure Web Gateway

Protect your network against web based attacks with web filtering and granular control capabilities

RMS Tech are proud to be partnered with Fortinet,
the market leaders in Network Security.

Network security powered by

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