Managed Cloud WiFi

Cloud WiFi takes the complexity out of deploying and managing your WiFi network. Especially if you are trying to managed and secure your network across multiple locations or different geographical regions. Our Managed Cloud WiFi service allows you to radically simply the setup and ongoing management and maintenance of your WiFi network.

What approach is right for you?

Why go Cloud WiFi?

Smarter WiFi

Managed multiple wireless networks across multiple locations with ease.


Managed a track devices connected on your wireless network. Detect Rogue devices or access points and shut them down before they can do any damage.


Manage a single AP at a handful of offices, hundreds of APs in a single location or manage thousands of APs across multiple sites. With the flexibility of Cloud WiFi you can easily scale and grow your wireless next works needs

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With the flexibility of Cloud WiFi you can easily scale and grow your wireless network needs without having to deploy expensive network infrastructure to support it. Add a cloud wifi access point as needed to your cloud network.

Mesh Network

Are you tired of having to remember the password to every single WiFi connection?
Cloud WiFi allows you to mesh your wireless network so you can access the same wifi with the same password in any location. Whether you are moving around a large office, between floors or travel to another office you will stay connected to the same wireless network with ease.

Monthly Reporting

We provide monthly reports to you so you can see first-hand the current state of your network environment in plain English. No technical jargon.

Not sure what your business needs?

Each business will have different needs and outcomes.
speak to one of our SPECIALISTS to find out which products & services meet your needs.


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