Web Security

When your staff are online are they actually working or just updating their Facebook profiles? Increase your staff productivity and security of your network by enabling control as well as over site of the content your staff are accessing during the working day.

What approach is right for you?

Why do you need web security?

Improves Security

Block access to malicious and risky websites

Protect against malware

Prevent downloading malware onto your network from compormised websites.

Web Control

Control access through security based policies with the ability to be granular with what you can block and filter.

Keeps your defence up

With our automated intelligence tools, targeted threat analysis and continual updates, you can keep your business protected from emerging threats on the web.

Cost Effective

Choose between device-based protection or complete network protection based on your workforce needs


Meets compliance standard for both the Children's Internet Protection Act and BECTA

Is your business prepared for a cyber attack?

Ask us now about our cyber security threat assessment


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