Work Different with RMS Tech Cyber Security Strategy

At RMS Tech we work with our clients to build a robust Cyber Security Posture.

A robust Cyber Security strategy has very little to do with password policies, patching, anti-virus, MFA etc.  Those strategies are an absolute given.

In this climate of increasing and smarter Cyber Security threats, you need a multi-layer approach to Cyber Security protection using Next Generation Cyber Security Solutions.

RMS Tech are one of the few IT Managed Service Providers in the Asia-Pacific region with the license to supply these game-changing and world first products.


We recommend 3, 4, or 5 layer approach to your business - which one is right for you?

Cyber Basic

1. uSecure Security Awareness Training. White Labelled Security Awareness Training 2. Deep Instinct - The world's 1st purpose built complete Endpoint Security solution using Deep Learning. Deep Instinct finds what the others can't see. 3. NeuShied - Endpoint Data protection without backups

Cyber Better

All of Cyber Basic PLUS 4. OnSystem Defender Zero - Application Hardening for endpoints.

Cyber Best

All of Cyber Basic, Cyber Best PLUS 5. Security As A Service- Security Operations Centre

Cyber Security
Layer 1

uSecure Security Awareness Training

Custom made training for every user.

Our one-of-a-kind Security Awareness Training uses psychology to create individual and custom-made courses for every user in your organisation. Using intelligent automation, the platform combines continuous training with regular phishing
simulations, simplified policy management and behavioural risk scores – enabling you to assess and mitigate your organization’s human cyber risk with leading technology and a user-first approach.

The first line of defence against hackers and ransomware is through cyber aware employees.  

It’s cost effective, has rapid deployment, and makes an enormous difference to the company cyber security posture.  

This needs to be your first line of defence.

Cyber Security
Layer 2

Deep Instinct Endpoint Security with Deep Learning

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is the world’s first and only purpose-built, end-to-end “Deep Learning” based
cybersecurity framework.  
Powered by a deep neural network brain that mimics the logic and learning of the human brain, the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform achieves the following:
• Stops attacks before they happen, pre-execution, by identifying malicious files in <20ms
• Protects against 100% of ransomware attacks, backed by an industry-leading $3M warranty (USA only)
• Is backed by the world’s only low false-positive guarantee of <0.1%
• Threat prevention >99% against all unknowns (industry average 67%).  
• 446% return on investment as stated by Forrester.  

Unlike detection and response-based solutions, which wait for the execution of an attack to react, or post-execution

which achieves too little too late, our deep learning-based prevention approach keeps our customers protected, while
dramatically reducing costs. 

Cyber Security
Layer 3


NeuShield Data Sentinel takes a completely different approach by creating a protective shield between your files and applications. When ransomware or other applications make changes, the original files stay intact allowing users to revert any unwanted change that has been made. While other products create backup copies of your files which, can dramatically increase disk usage and cause a significant performance overhead, NeuShield’s revolutionary Mirror Shielding™ technology can preserve the original file without requiring a backup, which allows Data Sentinel to protect files with virtually no additional disk activity (I/O). 

NeuShield Data Sentinel allows you to shield and protect your data from malware or human error.   

Cyber Security
Layer 4

OnSystem Defender Application Hardening

OnSystem Defender Protects Against Malware Hiding in Software

OnSystem Defender implements access control INSIDE every software product running on a computer based on previously observed internal code path behaviour under normal operating conditions. Other solutions strive to learn what malware looks like and build a defence against that profile.

OnSystem Defender learns software applications’ normal behaviours and prevents all attempts by malware to subvert those normal operations. Nothing else in the marketplace today protects against this Achilles Heel of all existing malware defences.

OnSystem Defender Works in ALL software and deploys easily


Cyber Security Layer 5

Security Operations Centre

The purpose of a security operations centre (SOC) is to identify, investigate, prioritize, and resolve issues that could affect the security of an organization’s critical infrastructure and data.  

This is a managed Service delivered through Accenture SOC and managed by Content Security and is renowned in the financial services industry as a trusted provider of SOC Services to the top financial institutions around the world.

A well-developed and well-run SOC can perform real-time threat detection and incident response, with SOC analysts that can deliver rapid security intelligence to stakeholders and senior management, identifying when an attack starts, who is attacking, how the attack is being conducted, and what data or systems are being compromised.