Still running a traditional IT network? That’s so 1999… Switch to SD-WAN without having to change your telco provider and take advantage of a software defined network, transforming your network with high availability, traffic prioritisation, reducing costs, enhancing network security and increase productivity.

What approach is right for you?

Why go SD-WAN?

Customer Focus

Cost... Reliability... Security...
The main goal of SD-WAN technology is to deliver an enterprise-class, secure, and simple cloud-enabled network connection to enable the delivery of software based systems to your workforce with ease.

Cost Savings

Most connected geographically dispersed offices and branches today use a traditional private network, which is an expensive investment and complex to maintain. SD-WAN allows organisations to build private networks more cost effectively utilising your existing network services.

Its Fast! Very Fast!

Improve your network performance by leveraging multiple network paths and faster internet connections at a fraction of the cost of a private network link.

Higher Quality Experience

SD-WAN allows you to customise the network characteristics to suit your business needs. Avoid network congestion using an SD-WAN solution which enables automated and dynamic path selection technlogy to ensure the most appropriate path is selected for your network traffic.

Advanced Threat Protection

Securely connect your users to your applications and data. Multi-layered security ensures all your data is encrypted from your network to the cloud.

90% Faster Deployment

SD-WANs can be deployed in just a week compared to a traditional private network which can take over 3+ months just to have a single private connection installed to your premise.

Not sure what your business needs?

Each business will have different needs and outcomes.
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