Managed AWS Services

Managed AWS Services by RMS Tech leverages our powerful cloud automation platform and our dedicated team of AWS Certified Engineers to deliver superior performance for your AWS workloads.

What AWS workloads are right for you?

Amazon built AWS with their focus on enterprise users.
RMS Tech manages AWS with our focus on you.

Managed AWS Services by RMS Tech allows your team to stay focused on your business objectives while leveraging our powerful cloud automation platform and dedicated team to support your Azure workloads. 

While creating virtual machines in AWS is pretty easy, the complexity of the AWS Platform starts to increase as soon as you start building and utilising more services. What’s more, Microsoft AWS Direct Support plans can start to grow costly in an instant and does not extend to managing or maintaining your operating systems or security. That’s where we come in.

RMS Tech Managed AWS Services vs. Amazon Support Plans

See below comparison of having your AWS Services Managed by RMS Tech in comparison to the support services you would receive directly from Amazon.

Not sure what your business needs?

Each business will have different needs and outcomes.
speak to one of our SPECIALISTS to find out which products & services meet your needs.


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